Case study: How to find out if charges were filed against me

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Law Blog

I’ve been told that charges were filed and now this person wants money from me. How can I make sure that this person is telling me the truth. I am guilty….but how can I go about handling this situation?

Attorney Roe Response:

Many people confuse making an incident report with filing charges. This person may have made a report against you to the police, and if so, the police will decide whether to recommend filing of charges to the D.A. who will thereupon decide whether to file. DO NOT WAVE THE RED FLAG BY CONTACTING THE LOCAL D.A.’S OFFICE OR THE POLICE TO DETERMINE FILING. You may go to the criminal window at the local courthouse to determine such things. Re the demand for money, this person may or may not be attempting to extort you. Often, a civil compromise is used by attorneys to resolve criminal cases and do away with pleas. Contact a local attorney to see what your best strategy should be.