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Over Three Decades Of Criminal Defense Trial Experience

Melanie Roe is recognized as one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys serving Indio, Palm Springs and all of Riverside County …

With over three decades of criminal defense trial experience in Indio, Palm Springs and Riverside County, and being no stranger to a jury, Attorney Melanie Roe has won nearly every kind of case from simple assaults to murder, multiple murder, special circumstances cases, DUI’s, possession for sale of controlled substances, meth labs, burglary, robbery, grand theft auto, receiving stolen property, sexual assault, domestic violence, sodomy, child molestation, rape, and more.

Areas Of Criminal Defenses Include:

Melanie Roe DUI & Drug Charges Attorney

DUI & Drug Charges


Melanie Roe Domestic Violence Charges Attorney



Melanie Roe Domestic Violence Defense Attorney



Melanie Roe Robbery, Assault, Homicide Charges Attorney



How My Experience Helps You

A Proven Criminal Defense History Of Success

You can’t beat a rap unless you fight your case. It won’t go away. Understanding your rights is just half the battle, hiring the right attorney to assert them is the other half. Websites and flashy ads appear to give lawyers a veneer of authenticity. Beware: it may just be a veneer. You need to meet the attorney before making your decision to hire. I will make time to meet with you at your convenience and discuss how we will win your case. Call Me today!

“Melanie Roe Has An Extensive Case History For Your Review. Ask Your Attorney For Their Case Record!”

Riverside County Criminal Defense Attorney

Melanie N. Roe Notable Criminal Defense Cases & Verdicts

“In the past 33 years, I have tried TO VERDICT well over 100 jury trials.”

Building Your Defense…

A criminal defense attorney’s role is to ensure that their client receives a fair trial and to vigorously advocate for their rights throughout the legal process.


Legal Research & Case Analysis

Conduct thorough legal research to understand the applicable laws, precedents, and regulations relevant to the client's case.
Analyze the facts of the case to identify legal issues and potential defenses.
Evaluate the strength of the prosecution's case and weaknesses that can be exploited in defense.


Investigation and Evidence Gathering:

Investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime to uncover any facts or details that may support the client's innocence or weaken the prosecution's case.
Collect evidence, such as witness statements, surveillance footage, or expert opinions, to build a strong defense.
Challenge the admissibility of evidence that may be illegally obtained or irrelevant to the case.


Building a Defense Strategy:

Develop a comprehensive defense strategy based on the legal research and gathered evidence.
Determine the most effective arguments and defenses to present in court.
Anticipate and prepare for possible counterarguments from the prosecution.


Preparation for Trial:

Prepare the client for court appearances, including advising on courtroom etiquette and behavior.
Conduct mock trials or practice sessions to help the client become familiar with the court process and improve their ability to respond to questioning.
Strategize on witness examination and cross-examination, preparing questions to elicit favorable information and challenge the prosecution's case.

About Melanie Roe

My Mission …

Attorney Melanie Roe understands there can be no greater degradation to one’s reputation, position and standing in a community than to be falsely accused of a crime

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Melanie Roe Riverside County Criminal Defense Attorney


What Melanie Roe’s clients say

Eric, Criminal Defense

Melanie Roe is the Best at what she does. Her attention to detail and knowledge of what is needed for each case is undeniably better than other lawyers I’ve encountered in the court room. Melanie CARES about every client and pours her heart into her work . She is the most aggressive and forth-right attorney in the courtroom. Her honesty and reliability have impressed the judges in the courtrooms across Riverside County. All in All Melanie Roe is the Best Lawyer for any person who wants their case handled properly and with care .

Judy, Violent Crime

Attorney Melanie Roe was highly recommended to us as a Defense Atty. Our Son was charged with a violent felony. We found Ms. Roe to be caring and compassionate, while at the same time, an expert in the law. We were truly in awe at what a commanding presence she was in the Court room. She is very professional, thorough, confident and well respected by her colleagues. She truly examined our Sons case and determined the proper strategy. We were more than satisfied with the outcome. We would definitely use her services again.

Donald, Client

Melanie Roe was a confident advocate for justice in my case. She presented a clear direction in my defense and gave me the assurance that we would prevail with the evidence that she had acquired on my behalf. Her calm management of the criminal procedure I was involved with provided me with the assurance that I was receiving experienced and excellent legal counsel. I would highly recommend Melanie Roe to anyone should they need the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. I knew I was innocent; and more importantly, she demonstrated that I was innocent. Thank you, Melanie Roe.

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