Case study: Can I return to the store I was caught shoplifting in?

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Law Blog

I was almost caught shoplifting at Target and I think the guys took down my name and DOB. I’m not sure. He said from now on I can only go to Target with a parent since I was a minor back then. They banned me from the store and I heard that if they banned you but still go back there shopping they can call the police to arrest you. I’m an adult now and I wonder if I can return to shopping there?

Attorney Roe Response:

Apparently you were not arrested as you mentioned you almost “caught shoplifting” (sic). Many stores take the next step, hire counsel to secure restraining orders/protective orders against patrons they do not want in their stores. Doesn’t seem like that occurred. It is unclear from the question how much time has passed. Something happened when you were a minor, now you are an adult. You can be assured that if you returned to the store and shoplifted, you could be righteously arrested for shoplifting, not so sure on trespassing though due to the time. However, if you are asked to leave by the owner or agent of the owner of the private property (i.e. Target) and refuse to do so, that may constitute enough notice for the trespass arrest.